Based in Avon, Ohio, Maroon Group LLC is a distributor of specialty chemicals, additives and ingredients across North America. The company comprises several regional operating companies focused on specific markets and geographies, with each company sharing a common infrastructure of industry-leading technology, value-add services, global sourcing and logistics network. Here, Howard Hubert, chief commercial officer for Maroon Group, explains how the relationship between distributors and manufacturers has changed over time.

How long has your company been providing chemicals/materials distribution for the adhesives and sealants industry?

For over 60 years, across Maroon
Group’s operating companies, we have been providing technical solutions, formulary support and supply chain consistency to help our adhesives and sealants customers succeed.

How has the relationship between adhesives and sealants manufacturers and raw materials/chemicals distributors evolved over time?

Relationships between adhesives and sealants manufacturers have evolved from being strictly transactional to one that is a much broader-based collaboration; we work together to provide continuity of supply, value-added services to improve their products, and deeper integration across all aspects of the businesses.

What value-added products and/or services does your company now offer as a result of the evolving distributor/manufacturer relationship? 

Our business has been continuously evolving as we have expanded with value-added services, such as blending, preparation of non-dust blends (NDBs), micronizing, custom packaging, and technical services such as formulary support and specialty sourcing (e.g., green and natural products) to help our customers achieve their strategic and sustainability goals.

What are the benefits of partnering with a distributor of raw materials/chemicals?

Maroon has built our business on a philosophy of Creating Customer Success®, which allows our customers to focus their critical resources on the drivers of their business; new product development, world-class manufacturing and servicing their customers/markets. As an example, we take the risk out of their supply chain, so they can excel in what they do best. We are always looking for new products, technical solutions and best practices to help them make their products better for their customers.

What do you want adhesives and sealants manufacturers to understand about raw materials/chemicals distributors?

Maroon Group is their business partner. Creating Customer Success® is not solely a call-to-action to align our behaviors; it is how we measure ourselves on a daily basis.  ASI


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