Clearstrength® XT100 toughener is available for thermosetting applications such as structural adhesives and high-performance composites. This product is reportedly based on patented Arkema technology designed to improve dispersion and viscosity control when compared to conventional core-shell tougheners.

“Our new patented technology enables performance and processing advantages that haven’t been available in these application areas before,” said Philippe Haji, global plastics additives R&D director. “Working with formulators of methacrylate and epoxy-based structural adhesives and epoxy-based composites, we are seeing significantly increased toughness with limited impact on viscosity or glass transition temperatures.”

“Clearstrength XT100 toughener is the first product based on this new technology,” said Aldo Sousa, senior account manager for Arkema coating resins. “Given the initial positive feedback from our customers we are working on new products based on this technology and plan to eventually launch an entire family of products offering similar processing and performance advantages across other industries and applications where higher toughness levels may currently be hard to achieve.”

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