The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) has published a chemicals management and sustainability benefits guide for adhesives and sealants, intended for stakeholders in the retail market environment.

“Sourcing stakeholders in the big box and retail marketplace should be aware of the efforts within ASC to help the policy writers within the retail environment to better understand the impact that adhesives and sealants have on key applications,” said Sharon Papke of Covestro, and chair of the ASC Retail Task Force. “Increased energy savings and reducing air and water infiltration are just a few of the benefits adhesives and sealants provide,” she said. “This new benefits guide has been an industry effort by ASC members and addresses important adhesive/sealant applications along with the need for exposure considerations by retailer policy writers when it comes to risk assessment.”

“The benefits guide piece represents a brief overview on who ASC is, our members and the critical role that adhesives and sealants play in supplying the retail environment with safe products that provide a hidden function in thousands of applications,” said Steve Duren, senior director. “The guide describes the process on where adhesives and sealants are featured, as well as the type and function of the adhesives and sealants used. The guide allows downstream users to further understand the value that adhesives and sealants play in critical applications. Risk assessment needs to be a multi attribute science-based approach and not a single hazard only request for transparency from retailers.” 

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