Ashland recently announced the launch of a new nonionic synthetic associative thickener (NSAT). Aquaflow™ NMS-460E rheology modifier is a solvent-, tin-, and alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO)-free NSAT designed to provide a balance of Stormer (KU) viscosity together with high-shear (ICI), Newtonian behavior for exceptional brush and roll application.

“We are excited to add Aquaflow NMS-460E rheology modifier to our portfolio,” said Ludger Kueper, sales manager, Coatings Europe. “With its highly efficient mid-high shear viscosity response, the product is a great addition to our Aquaflow range. Aquaflow NMS-460E rheology modifier has the capability to provide mid- and high-shear viscosity in a single liquid thickener, building a balanced rheology where typically two thickeners are required. This provides exceptional usability as a stand-alone thickening solution for industrial or brush-applied coatings or a co-thickener and ICI-booster together with traditional cellulose derivatives for waterborne architectural paints, improving allure, workability and hiding power of these decorative coatings.”

Aquaflow NMS-460E rheology modifier has reportedly been designed for low-VOC formulations. It delivers spatter-resistant application with superior flow and levelling and full gloss development, and is recommended for use across all sheens in most latex systems, including small particle size emulsions.

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