Gentherm is a global developer and marketer of thermal management technologies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature-control applications. Automotive products include variable-temperature climate control seats, heated automotive interior systems (including heated seats, steering wheels, armrests, and other components), battery thermal management systems, cable systems, and other electronic devices. Medical products include patient temperature management systems. The company has over 13,000 employees in facilities in the U.S., Germany, Canada, China, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, the UK, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

Gentherm was introducing new products to its manufacturing line in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and needed a conformal coating system that could meet production requirements. The new equipment needed to provide more selectivity, accuracy, and increased volume capabilities than what had been required for previous product builds.


Select Coat SL-940 Features and Benefits

  • Integrated process controls ensure high-quality wet dispense performance
  • Automated batch or in-line processing
  • Modular design accommodates future production needs
  • Easy Coat® software allows programmers to set, measure, record, and trace process parameters
  • Offline and online programming
  • A wide range of options can be selected to improve statistical process control, production uptime, and yield
  • Downdraft air management system safely removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meeting low flammable limits (LFLs) standards
  • Designed for easy maintenance; stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and resistant to strong agents

Used in four manufacturing lines, the conformal coating systems support the production of automotive modules, RV controls, medical devices, and other consumer electronic controls.


After evaluating suppliers, Gentherm selected Nordson ASYMTEK’s Select Coat® SL-940 conformal coating system for the conformal coating line. Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company, designs and manufactures precision fluid dispensing, conformal coating, and jetting technologies.

“After reviewing Nordson ASYMTEK’s equipment specifications and applicator options, we decided to purchase the Select Coat SL-940E conformal coating system based on the following capabilities: more coating flexibility with the SC-300 applicator, tighter control around keep-out areas with the SC-400 applicator, and user-friendly, programmable software,” said Mike Renneboog, Gentherm’s manufacturing manager.

Gentherm uses five SL-940 conformal coating systems equipped with SC-300, SC-350, and SC-400 applicators. Used in four manufacturing lines, the systems support the production of automotive modules, RV controls, medical devices, and other consumer electronic controls.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s equipment has enabled Gentherm to overcome manufacturing challenges and has added more flexibility and yield to the company’s manufacturing processes. The SL-940 conformal coating systems offer a variety of options to provide high quality and productivity for automated coating processes. The systems operate at high speed, accuracy, productivity, and yield, offering an efficient solution for conformal coating production.

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