FEICA recently announced that it has signed off on the Validation Report of the Currenta test method for the accurate measurement of low contents of free monomeric isocyanate in mixtures. There was previously no harmonized or validated test method available in Europe to determine very low ranges of free isocyanate content in given formulations. FEICA, working with members and Currenta Analytics, reports that the validated test method is able to measure isocyanates down to a range of 0.01-0.15%. 

The Currenta test method is reportedly particularly accurate for the determination of very low content of free diisocyanate (MDI, TDI, HDI and IPDI) in a complex mixture. Round-robin tests by FEICA member companies confirmed the accuracy of the test method, as well as its robustness and reproducibility. FEICA has adopted the method as the most advanced available to date, and reports that it should therefore be the preferred method for the measurement of free monomeric isocyanate in adhesives, sealants, and one-component foams.

For more information, visit www.feica.eu and www.currenta.com.