AkzoNobel recently announced that it has launched smooth-finish additions to its range of Interpon powder coatings low-emissivity (low-e) products. The company introduced a coarse texture range of low-e products late last year. Specially engineered for curing at temperatures lower than the current standard of 180-190°C, the new offering is TGIC-free polyester, which reportedly saves energy and helps customers to improve their efficiency.

Designed for a wide range of customers, including industrial manufacturers of steel constructions, street and garden furniture, and agricultural and construction equipment, a total of 50 smooth products are included in the range; gloss, satin, and matt finishes are available. The new Interpon low-e range is initially being launched in Europe, with plans in place to launch in other regions in the future.

“Our Interpon Low-E range means customers can now use curing temperatures ranging from 150-170°C, without losing quality or the physical properties of the coating,” said Mark Reekie, Powder Coatings’ global segment manager for General Industry. “All products in the range can be cured in between eight and 40 minutes, which also helps to increase productivity during the coatings process.”

According to AkzoNobel, Interpon 610 low-e is ideal for interior or exterior environments. The polyester-based products are available in a wide range of colors, are easy to apply, and offer outstanding light and weather resistance. They also offer all the benefits inherent to powder coatings, such as no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduced waste (over-sprayed powder can be recycled), and lower transport costs.

For more information, visit www.interpon.com.