Sika recently announced that it is expanding its production capacities in Southeast Europe by opening an additional mortar facility, as well as a warehouse for raw materials and end products, at its Simanovci site in Serbia. The plant, which is located near Belgrade, has been continuously expanded in recent years to keep pace with the development experienced by the region’s construction sector and strong Sika growth. 

Sika expects that the expanded production capacities and new warehouse will enable it to continue to penetrate the growing construction markets in Southeast Europe. According to the company, the high-quality, ready-mixed mortars produced at the site are distributed primarily to builders’ merchants. In addition to catering to the domestic market, the plant also acts as a regional production hub for Sika national subsidiaries in the neighboring countries of Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bulgaria.

“By investing in this expansion at Simanovci, we are aiming to further enhance our market position in Serbia and Southeast Europe,” said Ivo Schädler, EMEA regional manager. “Thanks to the good construction industry in most countries in the region, our business volume is at a high level. The new facility will ensure that we continue to outpace market growth.”

Sika reports a considerable need for infrastructure in Serbia (e.g., in sewage treatment and the expansion of the country’s rail and road networks). In addition, the increase in foreign direct investment, as well as the growing needs in the field of building finishing for commercial and residential buildings (e.g., the Belgrade Waterfront project), offer major business potential for Sika.

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