Ashland recently announced that Purekote™ 8020 water-based offline primer for HP Indigo digital inks has joined the company’s portfolio of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)-certified overprint varnishes and laminating adhesives. Developed for those customers that pre-optimize paper or film label stock, flexible packaging, and shrink sleeve materials through flexo or gravure, Purekote 8020 primer reportedly offers:

  • ideal water resistance
  • excellent clarity (important for shrink sleeve applications)
  • improved chemical and heat resistance
  • easy-to-coat, offering excellent adhesion to both film and paper substrates
  • non-yellowing on film substrates
  • easy clean up 

“Ashland is committed to continually amplifying the efficacy and refining the usability of its digital product lines for our customers’ challenging applications,” said Catherine Heckman, global industry manager, laminating adhesives and coatings, Ashland. “Purekote™ 8020 primer answers an unmet need in the market for an easy-to-use, water-resistant primer compatible with HP Indigo inks.”

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