Graco Inc. recently announced that it has launched the SaniForce® 2.0 line of new and redesigned sanitary equipment. The SaniForce 2.0 line includes container unloading equipment for the evacuation of medium- to high-viscosity materials, as well as food-grade, high-sanitation, large-particle, 3A-certified, and pharmaceutical-grade diaphragm pumps in both air and electric models. Systems are reportedly configurable to fit each customer’s unique needs. Graco reports that all SaniForce 2.0 equipment is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant with quick knockdown designs for easy cleaning and sanitizing.

“The idea behind the redesign and launch of the SaniForce 2.0 line was threefold: cleanliness, safety and ease of use,” said Jeff Shaffer, Graco’s Process Division sales and product manager. “With the SaniForce 2.0 line, we strive to protect your entire process, from food safety to employee safety, easy sanitization, configurability and efficiency of automation to handling high viscosities without heating or diluting the materials.”

On SaniForce 2.0 unloading equipment, automated controls reportedly remove unnecessary worker interaction and automate the unload process. “We have seen some facilities manually scooping ingredients from drums,” said Shaffer. “Unloading systems are a superior alternative to manual scooping from an efficiency and ergonomic standpoint—and with a fully-sealed system, materials are not exposed to airborne contaminants.”

According to Graco, all SaniForce 2.0 diaphragm pumps are available with the company’s over-molded diaphragms to eliminate crevices for harboring bacteria, as well as externally serviceable air valves with fewer moving parts for quick, inexpensive repairs. “We made major steps to reduce clamps and crevices for food and bacteria to hide,” said Shaffer. “That includes single-piece manifolds, improved fluid paths and rotatable stands for easy sanitation.”

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