Graco Inc. recently announced the availability of its new Husky™ 3300e electric double diaphragm pump. The Husky 3300e pump reportedly transfers a variety of industrial fluids and offers plant managers high-volume fluid transfer (up 220 gpm) while drastically reducing power consumption.

“The Husky 3300e pump was designed to provide a solution to high-volume transfer needs and is based upon proven Graco electric diaphragm pump technology,” said Dan Purkat, worldwide product manager for Process Pumps. “This new pump combines the benefits of a high-volume pneumatic diaphragm pump with the efficiency of electric drive. This contributes to remarkable, provable energy savings and lower operational costs for the customer. Both of which lead to a significant increase in sustainability at the plant or factory level.”

Graco reports that the Husky 3300e pump is made in the U.S. with long-wear, high-quality components. Replacing large air-operated diaphragm pumps with the Husky 3300e pump could reduce in-plant energy usage up to 80%. Graco aims to enable its customers to achieve higher levels of sustainable operations by reducing two large costs inputs: electricity and maintenance (labor and parts).

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