Graco Inc., a manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, has made its UniDrum™ Bulk Supply System available with E-Flo® SP™ electric supply pumps. The newly released compatibility makes the UniDrum the only bulk unloader that supports manufacturers’ clean energy initiatives.

“To reduce costs and improve their environmental footprint, many factories are phasing out compressed air equipment,” said Blake Erickson, global product manager for pumps and circulation systems in Graco’s Industrial Division. “These include automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) needing cleaner, more efficient ways to supply ambient sealants and underbody material to their assembly lines.”

The UniDrum bulk unloader’s new electric driver provides real-time, integrated, closed-loop flow control. Graco reports that this is the first time such efficiency has been available in a bulk unloader.

“With closed loop communication, data can be collected on system parameters and performance. This can be very useful in decreasing waste and supporting environmental regulation compliance,” said Erickson.

Electric pumps also operate quieter than pneumatic counterparts, reducing noise pollution. A UniDrum bulk unloader powered by an E-Flo SP electric supply pump normally operates at 70 dB(A). That is 15 dB(A) lower than the 85 dB(A) sound regulation for industrial workplaces set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) of the United States Department of Labor.

Quieter operation also supports factory efficiency, according to Erickson: “The quieter the pump, the closer you can place the supply to where you want to use it. The closer the proximity, the less pressure is needed for accurate application.”

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