A new orange fluorescent UV adhesive from Panacol is reportedly specially formulated for bonding plastics. Vitralit® 7311 FO is certified according to USP Class VI standards, making it an option for bonding medical devices. 

Vitralit 7311 FO is a low-viscosity, transparent acrylic adhesive that cures under UV or visible light. It reportedly offers high bond strength to many plastics, including PC, PVC, PMMA, or ABS, as well as to materials such as glass and stainless steel. Due to its low viscosity and capillary flow characteristics, Vitralit 7311 FO is suited for bonding large surfaces, as well as applications with narrow gaps. 

Under low-intensity black light (365 nm wavelength), Vitralit 7311 FO fluoresces orange, enabling in-line inspection for quality control. The bright fluorescence is highly contrasting with plastics that possess a natural blue fluorescence or color. Optimum curing results can reportedly be achieved with LED curing equipment with a wavelength of 405 nm, particularly the UV-LED Bluepoint LED eco from Hoenle. Bluepoint LED eco can be equipped with both wavelengths, serving both processes. Due to modern photoinitiators, Vitralit 7311 FO can be cured within seconds.

Once cured, Vitralit 7311 FO is humidity and alcohol resistant. Panacol reports that the product is compatible with common sterilization processes like autoclaving, gamma radiation, E-Beam, or ETO and is well-suited for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices.

Additional details are available at www.panacol.com.