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Speaking of our monthly editions, I’m thrilled to invite you in for our January issue, featuring a redesign for 2020! I’d like to send a special, hearty “thank you” to Lindsay Leusby, our art director, who developed the clean lines and dynamic article layouts that you’re about to enjoy.

Finding the right mix of raw materials can be tricky, but new materials are constantly being developed to help the adhesive and sealant industry address new market demands and application opportunities. In this issue, we share innovations focused on polythioethers (“Polythioether Advances Provide New Formulating Options” and thermoplastic polyurethanes (“Advances in Reactive Hot-Melt Technology with Thermoplastic Polyurethanes”).

What are your thoughts on our redesign? What new formulations (or raw materials) is your company working on for 2020 and beyond? I’d love to hear from you. Please give me a call at (248) 786-1704 or reach out via email to suttons@bnpmedia.com. Best wishes from all of us at ASI for a great 2020!