Dolphin Products, a subsidiary of Al Muqarram Group, recently announced that its fire-stop silicone sealant has received certification from Abu Dhabi Civil Defense. The company reports that its sealant had previously received approval and certification from the Sharjah Civil Defense. The product is reportedly tested and approved by Efectis, a Turkey-based fire safety expert entity in testing and modeling, certification, education, and inspection of fire safety products.

“As a UAE-based local manufacturer of products, we are proud to introduce the Dolphin-Fire Stop Silicone Sealant, which is a unique product in its capability to resist fire for longer hours and at higher temperatures,” said Safdar Badami, managing director of Al Muqarram Group. “Using the product will help shore up fire resistance in buildings, and for the construction industry of the UAE, it will offer a much-needed value addition.”

According to Dolphin, its fire-stop silicone sealant can resist fire for 4 hrs and protect buildings against heat of up to 400˚C. The product is a single-component, neutral-cure, gun-grade, fire-stopping sealant.

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