Graco Inc. recently announced the launch of its Fusion® ProConnect® (PC) spray gun. Designed for spray foam and polyurea applications, the Fusion PC gun combines 13 components into a single, disposable cartridge that reportedly offers contractors the ability to perform gun service quickly and easily in the field while avoiding costly downtime.

“The Fusion PC gun represents a new method for contractors to service guns in our industry,” said Bryce Gapinski, Graco’s Fast-Set Accessories global product marketing manager. “We are continually reminded that downtime on the jobsite has a large impact on profitability. We now have a gun that features the great spray performance of our Fusion gun platform, but has been specifically designed to be faster and easier to service.”

“We’re impressed with how easy it is to spray with the Fusion PC gun,” said one maintenance manager after testing the spray gun. “We gave the gun to sprayers who typically have gun-related issues once a week. With this new gun, our crew is able to quickly get it back into service versus spending time troubleshooting the issue and taking the gun apart.”

The maintenance manager also reported benefits from keeping less spare parts inventory on hand due to the gun’s disposable cartridge design. For more information, visit