Preeflow, a ViscoTec brand, has launched the compact eco-DUOMIX, a dispensing solution that can mix and dispense silicones, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, polyester resins, and acrylates. The company reports that only a few mixing and dispensing systems can currently be used to mix and apply all existing adhesives. The biggest challenge is components that are difficult to mix, since they usually have to undergo a longer mixing process in order to optimally bond. To fill this industrial gap, the eco-DUOMIX has been developed for difficult-to-mix two-component materials for which purely static mixing was previously not sufficient.

Instead of a mixing spiral, the eco-DUOMIX is equipped with a mixing capsule optimized for dead space, which can be used for dynamic mixing. The company reports that materials with the same and/or different viscosities were developed and evaluated. Mixing ratios ranging from 1:1 to 10:1 are technically possible. The eco-DUOMIX is designed for speeds up to 2,000 rpm. Compared to the classic mixing spiral of other dispensing systems, the material consumption in the motor-driven mixing capsule is significantly lower, which has a positive effect on the overall cost, especially when using expensive materials.

In terms of dispensing quantities, preeflow is based on established systems from ViscoTec and allows a minimum dispensing quantity of up to 0.008 ml with the eco-DUOMIX, which can be applied with an accuracy of ± 1%. The dead space-optimized mixing capsule is available as a consumable and is installed directly at the outlet of the dispenser. Inside the capsule, the motor-driven mixer reportedly ensures optimized mixing, even of components that are difficult to process and at small volume.

According to the company, an exact application of even the smallest sealing beads is achieved by means of a replaceable dispensing needle connected to the mixing capsule. This eliminates the need for time-consuming calibration processes and delivers reproducible results. The technical implementation also results in a lower drip potential and thus significantly lower thread drawing problems on a component, which has a positive effect on desired cycle times. This aspect is underlined and demonstrated by the measurable linearity between rotor speed and output quantity. With the eco-DUOMIX, even if the density and viscosity of the components to be mixed vary once due to quality differences, the same dispensing result can always be achieved.

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