Huntsman Corp. has published its 2019 corporate sustainability report entitled “Innovating Toward a Circular Economy: Transform, Reduce Eliminate.” The report discusses how Huntsman is adopting a circular mindset in its business.

This Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)-compliant sustainability report includes Huntsman’s annual Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact, as well as its first formal materiality assessment and a reporting of its environmental, social, and governance performance. This is the company’s ninth sustainability report since launching its corporate sustainability initiative in 2010.

“In our operations today, Huntsman is revising manufacturing processes to reduce energy use and CO₂ emissions and to recycle waste byproducts,” said Ron Gerrard, corporate sustainability officer. “We’re also developing new chemistries to use waste as a resource or to eliminate it altogether. In this report, we share how we’re already moving from a linear ‘cradle-to-grave’ approach toward a circular mindset that transforms, reduces and eliminates waste and moves us closer to a more sustainable future.

“We are committed to the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to provide regular, reliable and transparent reporting on our sustainability performance, and continue to look for ways to elevate our sustainability reporting to better meet the needs of our stakeholders.”

The report is available at