Ashland Global Holdings Inc. recently published  its “Corporate Sustainability Report” for 2019. According to Ashland, its sustainability report and webpages include examples of how the company is improving products and processes while preserving natural resources and enhancing the communities in which it operates. The report includes information about: 

  • Measuring and monitoring the environmental, social, and ethical (ESG) performance of suppliers
  • Maintaining a Responsible Care® management system to ensure that all operations achieve and maintain a high level of environmental, health, and safety performance
  • Rethinking chemistry to solve complex challenges more sustainably, with future generations in mind

“Ashland is making great progress on our sustainability journey,” said Nicole Voss, director of environmental health, safety and sustainability. “As we look towards our goals for 2025 and beyond, Ashland remains committed to positive and long-lasting environmental, social and governance goals and initiatives.”

According to Guillermo Novo, chairman and CEO, “Discovering breakthrough solutions requires a passion and tenacity for innovation. We know that our success must include innovating with a clear conscience about the planet and our relevance is contingent on taking a multi-stakeholder view. Ashland’s solvers around the globe take an earnest and heartfelt approach towards local communities. Our desire for a more sustainable and inclusive world means holding ourselves and our suppliers to increasingly higher standards, and our core values and ethics call for each of us to do the right thing, always and everywhere.”

In addition to the “Corporate Sustainability Report,” Ashland’s Personal Care and Performance Adhesives business units have released business-specific sustainability guides. For more information, visit