Mactac® Industrial Tapes recently announced the launch of a new cold-temperature industrial tape line, Macbond™ Arctic. Featuring the latest in Mactac’s proprietary adhesive technology, Macbond Arctic cold-temperature tapes can be applied at temperatures as low as -10˚F (-23˚C).

According to Mactac, Macbond Arctic provides superior adhesive performance for a wide range of temperatures (-65 to 150˚F). The new tapes bond well to many grades of foam and foam rubber substrates and feature exceptional performance on low-surface energy materials. In addition, with built-in moisture resistance, Macbond Arctic tapes are designed to achieve and maintain high bond in cold, damp conditions.

“Mactac has a long history of developing innovative adhesive solutions to meet our customers’ needs and the new Macbond Arctic tapes feature one of our most robust adhesives yet,” said Janet Page, senior marketing manager for Mactac Performance Adhesives. “Macbond Arctic tapes offer exceptional bond and tack at very low temperatures, while also promising a broad performance range to match even the most challenging applications.”

The tapes are available in three product constructions: ARTX1162, ARTX1062, and ARTX1762. Each double-coated tape is coated on both sides with 2.0-mils of Macbond Arctic adhesive. ARTX1162 consists of a 0.5-mil polyester carrier and a two-side silicone-coated 72# white poly-coated Kraft liner. ARTX1062 and ARTX1762 feature an 83# super-calendared Kraft liner, and ARTX1762 has a polyethylene foam carrier. The new tapes are offered in 60-in. rolls and have a one-year shelf life.

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