Evonik’s Coating Additives business line recently announced a new-generation SURFYNOL® 104 Z additive that contains virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), depending on regional guidelines and the measuring method. The additive is used in automotive or industrial coatings, coatings for plastic or wood, and printing inks.

SURFYNOL 104 Z is a silicone-free additive, developed in response to increasingly tight regulatory requirements. It requires minimal special labeling and is therefore easier to use, process, and store.

As with the previous generation, the new additive is also reportedly suitable for applications requiring food contact compliance; it meets FDA and Swiss A requirements. In addition to the lower VOC content and improved product labeling, SURFYNOL 104 Z defoams, wets, improves leveling, and has no negative impact on the formulation. As required, the product can be used at any stage of the formulation process: in the mill base, the let-down, in production, or during subsequent quality control.

According to Evonik, SURFYNOL 104 Z is a multi-functional gemini surfactant that performs a balancing act between dynamic wetting and molecular defoaming. It contains 50% active substance. The new additive is free of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and helps formulators transition more easily from solventborne to waterborne systems.

Additional details are available at www.coating-additives.com.