Evonik´s Coating Additives business line has developed a new, multifunctional polymer additive for powder coating formulations: TEGO® Powder Aid D01 makes the formulation easier to disperse during extrusion by promoting pigment wetting and effectively reducing melt viscosity. The lower melt viscosity also leads to better degassing, which aids flow and leveling as the formulation cures and prevents pinholes in the coating. The new additive optimizes gloss development and ensures better DOI (distinctness of image) on the coating surface.

The additive offers versatile applicability in formulations with inorganic fillers and pigments, along with organic pigments including carbon black. Suitable for formulators that desire one multi-functional additive for various powder coating systems, it offers large effects using small amounts and also acts as a synergist with other additives. 

Powder coatings containing TEGO Powder Aid D01 also show comparable resistance to weathering, making the additive suitable for use in exterior applications. So-called overbake yellowing, even at elevated temperatures, is manageable. The additive imparts these properties without containing surface-active waxes, making overcoating possible without any problems. 

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