Kraton Corp. recently unveiled its REvolution™ rosin ester technology, along with new SYLVALITE™ products. According to Kraton, the REvolution rosin ester technology enables the development of bio-based products with light color and oxidative stability. The company uses this scalable, next-generation technology to develop high-quality, sustainable materials:

  • SYLVALITE 2100 rosin ester tackifier—Developed with Kraton’s REvolution rosin ester technology, the product reportedly delivers a high quality bio-based resin with lighter color and improved stability.
  • SYLVALITE 9100 rosin ester tackifier—Also developed with the new REvolution rosin ester technology, the product reportedly offers exceptionally light initial color and advanced stability, making it a viable bio-based tackifier for premium hot-melt adhesives applications.

“Kraton’s latest innovations exemplify our commitment to deliver sustainable solutions for the industry,” said Peter Migchels, Kraton’s marketing director for adhesives. “Our REvolution rosin ester technology offers a major step change for manufacturers looking to achieve light, stable hot-melt formulations with high biobased content. We believe it offers the best-in-class rosin ester technology and enables our customers to achieve their sustainability goals.”

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