Nynas recently announced the launch of NYTEX® 8022, the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of process oils. This grade is reportedly able to maximize performance in a variety of process oil applications.

Nynas reports that NYTEX 8022 is the ideal product to fulfil the formulation requirements for highly concentrated chemical additives, such as mineral oil-based antifoam, which need the solubilization of the active components while remaining label free. Moreover, the high flash point of NYTEX 8022 allows the safe solubilization of the additives at high temperatures.

“The emulsion stability of NYTEX 8022 is excellent because of its high naphthenic content and suitable aniline point,” said Anna Eriksson, Nynas’ technical manager for Chemical industries.

According to Nynas, NYTEX 8022 will find its place in a wide range of emulsion-based chemicals, particularly those subject to the most stringent storage conditions (e.g., in emulsion explosives packaged in cartridges or mold release agents). NYTEX 8022 offers several advantages over paraffinic oils, including superior solvency and excellent low-temperature properties. The product can be blended with other types of process oil to increase or reduce viscosity and improve the solvency of the blends.

Additional details are available at www.nynas.com.