Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. recently announced the availability of silicone sponge and silicone foam gasket tape with DP-1001 silicone adhesive backing. Slit-to-width rolls of these new gasket tapes support the need for high-performance silicone sponge and silicone foam gasketing that (with proper deflection) seals out rain and withstands outdoor conditions and temperature extremes.

Three gasket tape products are initially offered with DP-1001 silicone adhesive: R10470M red/orange closed-cell silicone sponge; BF-1000 white, low-density silicone foam; and HT-800 red, medium-density silicone foam. Complimentary sample rolls of gasket tape with DP-1001 adhesive are available to evaluate the adhesive properties.

According to the company, the DP-1001 silicone adhesive contains an amber-colored polyimide film support layer that provides dimension stability when removing the release liner and installing the gasket strips. The polyimide film layer improves the shelf life of the silicone adhesive backing by preventing migration of the adhesive into the silicone sponge or foam. The polyimide film also withstands a temperature range of -100 to 500°F, thereby not limiting the performance of the silicone gasket in extreme temperature conditions. DP-1001 silicone adhesive is a total of .005 in. thick and has an easy-peel release liner to aid installation.

“Gasket tape with DP-1001 film supported silicone adhesive provides our customers with high performance silicone sponge and silicone foam gasketing in tape form that can withstand extreme temperatures,” said Bill Stockwell, president. “Further, the polyimide film support and easy peel release liner allows for easier installation than other legacy silicone sponge gaskets with silicone adhesive backing.”

These three gasket tape products have reportedly been specified for long-term sealing of outdoor enclosures, industrial ovens and dryers, ventilating, and airflow applications subject to temperature extremes. Any of these gasket tape products can be die cut or water jet cut into custom gaskets if slit-to-width roll materials are not suitable for a sealing requirement. The company reports that the most frequently specified gasket tape roll widths are .500, .750, 1.00, and 2.00 in. wide. However, any width over .375 in. is available in custom-slit rolls.

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