Stockwell Elastomerics recently announced the availability of gaskets fabricated from .010- and .020-in.-thick Rogers BISCO® HT-6000 series silicone rubber with .002-in.-thick 3M™ adhesive transfer tape 9667MP acrylic adhesive laminated to one side. Designers seeking a thin, resilient gasket with an adhesive backing will benefit from these low durometer silicones cast to a tight thickness tolerance.

The company reports that, until now, these thin-gauge silicone materials have not been available from the manufacturer with an adhesive backing. Ultra-thin silicone gaskets can now be provided with .002-in.-thick 200MP series 3M9667MP acrylic adhesive with a 78# moisture-proof release liner for ease of liner removal and handling during assembly. Stockwell Elastomerics developed this capability and selected 3M9667MP for its performance properties and high bond strength on most substrates found in ruggedized portable equipment.

“The ultra-thin HT-6000 series silicone products with 3M9667MP high performance acrylic adhesive can solve sealing challenges for designers of rugged handheld and portable devices with displays and touchscreens,” said Bill Stockwell, chief technical officer for Stockwell Elastomerics. “Further, these liquid silicone materials are platinum cure grades, often specified for their purity. Gaskets are fabricated using die cutting, water jet or tool-less flash cutting techniques.”

The four HT-6000 series silicones selected for the ultra-thin gasket series are readily available in .010- and .020-in. thicknesses. The following Rogers Bisco materials are available for this type of application:

  • HT-6210—10 durometer, gray silicone rubber, intended for sealing under very low deflection force
  • HT-6220—20 durometer, black silicone rubber, specified for light seals and environmental sealing
  • HT-6135—35 durometer, off-white or cream color silicone rubber, has high elongation and tear strength properties
  • HT-6240—40 durometer, unpigmented and almost clear prior to adhesive lamination

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