TOTAL Cray Valley recently announced its newest product offering, Wingtack® 102, an aliphatic resin with a high softening point and lower molecular weight distribution than typical 100˚C hydrocarbon resins. According to the company, this provides excellent compatibility with many aliphatic polymers, resulting in formulations with superior stability.

Wingtack 102 reportedly has 35% lower volatiles than other similar hydrocarbon resins, giving it low odor and low product volatility. Coupled with its low color and novel softening point/molecular weight relationship, Wingtack 102 can improve the performance of pressure-sensitive and hot-melt adhesive applications.

For rubber applications, TOTAL Cray Valley reports that Wingtack 102 acts as a low-volatile processing aid. It can also be used for belts, hoses, and tire applications as an effective replacement for aromatic-containing oils. Wingtack 102 has low volatility, low chlorides, and low ash, making it ideal for use in more demanding applications such as wax investment casting. 

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