Henkel and Keystone Industries recently announced a collaboration for additive manufacturing solutions in the dental industry. The collaboration will enable Henkel to add dental applications to its 3D printing portfolio, one of the first markets that has moved past prototyping into the commercialization of resins for final parts. By partnering with a globally leading materials provider like Henkel, Keystone aims to further scale its successful business in the industry. 

“We are very pleased to find such a natural partner as Keystone,” said Ken Kisner, head of Innovation for 3D Printing at Henkel. “The combination of their longstanding know-how in the dental space with our broad material science expertise and market access will unlock new opportunities to develop and commercialize high-performance solutions for the dental markets. Our rapid innovation capabilities fit very well with this dynamic market, and Keystone’s long history of polymer and ISO-compliant medical device manufacturing adds tremendous value to us.”

“We are excited to partner with a global industry leader and its professional team,” said Ira Rosenau, Keytone’s president. “Henkel’s expertise and global presence will allow us to further bring our innovative 3D printing solutions to all corners of the dental market worldwide. The collaboration is a mutual fit for both companies presenting opportunities for further growth.”

Keystone has been partnering for many years with Molecule Corp., which was acquired by Henkel in 2019. In addition, the companies have established longstanding business relationships with leading OEM printer manufacturers.

As part of the extended collaboration, Henkel reports that the companies will further drive the penetration of the KeyPrint line through increased validations and partnerships with 3D printer companies and rapid innovation of new materials to help dental professionals and patients with customized 3D solutions. The combination of the KeyPrint and Loctite brands will reportedly bring the integrated strengths of both companies to dental consumers and will enable the efficient manufacturing of dental parts. The two companies will work together to develop opportunities, educate the marketplace, and market the 3D printing solutions globally.

For more information, visit www.henkel.com and https://dental.keystoneindustries.com.