Berry Global Group, Inc. recently announced that its Biesheim, France, facility has achieved an International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC), which enables the site to sell ISCC Plus-certified nonwovens. ISCC Plus is a supply chain certification for circular materials, both recycled and bio-based, providing traceability along the supply chain and verifying that certified companies meet high environmental and social standards.

“One of Berry’s core values is sustainability, as we know it is for many customers,” said Achim Schalk, executive vice president and general manager, EMEIA, for Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division. “With this certification, we can now offer another level of certified, sustainable nonwoven materials.”

The ISCC Plus certification validates “mass balance system” utilization in the supply chain, tracking the quantity and sustainability characteristics of circular and bio-based content in the value chain and attributing it based on verifiable bookkeeping with predefined and transparent rules. This certification enables customers of Berry to certify their usage of mass balance raw materials, as the entire supply chain has been evaluated.

With the ISCC Plus certification, Berry reports that it can produce nonwovens substituting a percentage part or 100% of the virgin resin with certified circular polymers, delivering identical material performance as virgin feedstock. The new Berry sustainable nonwoven solutions maintain the usual properties for hygiene and medical applications, to be recycled or processed by other waste management systems. As a result of this certification, Berry will introduce new nonwoven solutions made with ISCC-certified feedstock from bio-based and recycled mixed sources with carbon footprint reduction.

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