FLEXcon Co., Inc. has announced the introduction of FLEXcon® NEXgen™ polypropylene films, which are reportedly sustainable “greener” non-vinyl alternatives for durable labeling applications. FLEXcon NEXgen polypropylene is designed for consumer durables, electronics, industrial, and transportation applications, including compliance labels, brand identity labels, and warning and instructional labels. FLEXcon NEXgen polypropylenes are UL/cUL-recognized (CSA pending).

“As many segments of this industry are trending away from vinyl, converters have been hard-pressed to find an alternative robust enough to meet the demands of durable labeling at a comparable price,” said Ross Hodnett, FLEXcon product manager. ”We worked with one of our supplier-partners to develop a unique polypropylene film which is a true alternative to flexible vinyl for durable labels.”

FLEXCon reports that the films were subjected to rigorous durability testing side by side with vinyls, and they performed just as well. FLEXcon NEXgen polypropylenes offer equivalent performance (dimensional stability and exterior durability of five years based on 2,000 hrs xenon arc) and physical qualities (surface smoothness and conformability) as vinyl. In addition, these polypropylene films can be laser die cut, eliminating the need for costly dies. This added benefit opens new possibilities that are inaccessible to vinyl since its formulation is inherently incompatible with laser die cutting.

The product line consists of gloss top-coated 4.0 mil white and frosty clear polypropylenes. Products are coated with FLEXcon’s permanent acrylic adhesive, L-344, and are backed with either a 50-lb roll-form liner, made from up to 30% post-consumer waste (CPP344 and WPP344), or a 90-lb lay flat liner for roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet converting (CPP344S and WPP344S). 

Additional details are available at www.flexcon.com.