The Adhesion Society will hold its Adhesion Science & Technology Short Course virtually on February 15-17, 2021, prior to the Virtual Annual Meeting. The course provides an introduction and overview to a variety of critically important topics in the field of adhesion. Highlighting the significant contributions that surfaces, adhesive chemistry, polymer behavior, and mechanics make to measured adhesion, the course provides strategic insights for bonding success ranging from structural to soft matter adhesion.

Topics and presenters include:

  • Stresses, Strength, and Failure of Adhesive Joints—David Dillard, Virginia Tech
  • Viscoelastic Properties of Adhesive Materials—David Yarusso, Yarusso Consulting
  • Designing Adhesives Using the Polymer Parameters—Michael Bortner, Virginia Tech
  • Surface Energetics and Adhesion—Giles Dillingham, BTG Labs LLC
  • Structure-Property Relationships of Adhesives—Michael Bortner, Virginia Tech
  • Types and Classes of Adhesive Design: Synthetic Strategies—Keren Zhang, Virginia Tech & Tim Long, Arizona State University
  • Fracture Mechanics Applications to Adhesive Bonds—David Dillard, Virginia Tech
  • Surface Modification and Surface Analysis—Giles Dillingham, BTG Labs LLC
  • Soft Matter Adhesion—Costantino Creton, ESPCI Paris
  • An Overview of Toughening Strategies for Structural Adhesives—Raymond Pearson, Lehigh University
  • Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Adhesives—David Yarusso, Yarusso Consulting
  • Adhesion at the Micro/Nano-Scale: Characterization and Applications—Kevin Turner, University of Pennsylvania

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