Arkema recently announced an investment in Crackless Monomer Co. (CMC), a joint venture between Bostik and Taiwanese company Cartell Chemical Co., to accelerate the development and production of high-value-added engineering adhesives. CMC, which will be 51% owned by Bostik for an investment of around $11 million, will produce specialty cyanoacrylate monomers on an industrial scale at a competitive cost. The investment will reportedly enable Bostik to accelerate the development of high value-added engineering adhesives dedicated to the electronics, medical equipment, and DIY markets.

According to Arkema, Bostik’s parent company, this investment complements the acquisition of Afinitica in 2018 and enables Bostik to further expand its range of instant engineering adhesives, manufactured through a patented “crackless” process. The adhesives formulated through this process reportedly feature unique properties that offer added comfort to end users.

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