Mactac® has launched a new line of LINTEC® low-ooze, high-adhesion durable labelstocks, which reportedly features a converter-friendly balance of high initial tack and low edge bleed. According to the company, the new line offers a selection of durable film facestocks paired with LINTEC’s PAT1 and automotive-approved P0066 aggressive acrylic adhesives. The labelstocks are intended for use in labeling durable goods, electronics, appliances, warning and instruction labeling, and automotive and medical labeling applications.

“The new LINTEC durable labelstocks feature exceptional adhesive performance on both high and low energy surfaces,” said Cassandra Semonin, associate product manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “Additionally, a significantly notable benefit of these labelstocks is that they produce very minimal adhesive ooze. When tested against competitive durable labeling solutions, there was no comparison.”

The new line offers features that are appealing to industry converters. Mactac reports that its new LINTEC durable labelstocks offer cleaner on-press and thermal transfer print performance, as well as reduced risk of label pick-off. They are reportedly suitable for prolonged outdoor use and ensure very good resistance to chemicals, heat (durability up to 302°F), and UV light. The company reports that the labelstocks are UL 969 recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for superior performance, label suitability, and compliance for displaying required safety information on UL Certified products, despite long-term exposure to a variety of environmental elements.

According to Mactac, additional adhesive characteristics include:

  • PAT1, a versatile, high-performance, low-ooze permanent acrylic adhesive used in a wide variety of general durable applications and conditions, offering excellent mandrel hold and ultimate adhesion to many high and low energy substrates; and
  • P0066, a high-performance low-ooze acrylic adhesive offering higher tack and ultimate adhesion to various high and low energy substrates, which was specifically designed for difficult-to-adhere-to low energy surfaces, including textured and rough surfaces.

Durable labeling solutions featuring the PAT1 adhesive are available with numerous polyester facestocks, including clear gloss, white semi-gloss, bright silver, chemical matte silver, and physical matte silver. PAT1 is also available in a white polypropylene option. Facestocks available with the P0066 adhesive include a white gloss polyester or chemical matte silver polyester.

Most LINTEC low-ooze, high-adhesion durable labelstocks include a 45# white glassine liner. Other liner options include a 50# white glassine liner and a 60# blue glassine liner. LINTEC durable labelstocks are designed to last the lifetime of the product application.

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