Phoseon Technology has introduced what it calls the smallest, highest-powered member of its air-cooled product line, the FireJet™ ONE. These premium 20 W/cm² UV LED curing lamps are reportedly designed primarily for markets where high power in a compact form factor is a key requirement.

"This product pulls together nearly two decades of technology development and ushers in the next era for UV LED curing," said Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO of Phoseon Technology. "This lamp has it all—high irradiance and power, uniform output and flexible scaling in a small and efficient package. This allows Phoseon's customers to offer game-changing solutions to their respective markets."

The FireJet ONE lamps, in widths from 75-375 mm, scale simply by placing units next to one another, daisy-chaining them together. Phoseon’s optics ensure consistent uniformity at the substrate surface. The FireJet ONE is simple to integrate by being a fully self-contained unit. The lamps can be controlled using PLC signals to provide instant on-off, intensity control, and other primary functions.

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