IPS Adhesives recently announced a reduction in lead times for its North America Integra Adhesive and SCIGRIP structural lines of business. Integra Adhesive brand products are returning to a two-week lead time on new orders. SCIGRIP bulk adhesives in drums and pails will be at three-week lead time, while cartridges remain on a four-week lead time.

Both Integra and SCIGRIP lead times were negatively affected in 2020 due to consolidation efforts between two facilities in North America. IPS Adhesives reports that its operation and customer service teams have worked diligently over the past 90 days to make internal changes to improve the company's ability to meet customer commitments.

IPS Adhesives is aware of several shortages and supply chain issues occurring in early 2021. In an effort to minimize these disruptions to customers, the company has strategically procured ahead in key areas of raw materials. This investment is intended to help IPS Adhesives perform with minimal disruptions.

"Delivery and fulfillment of quality adhesives are a top priority for us," said Scott McDowell, president. "We understand how critical it is for our customers to reliably receive IPS Adhesives products on time with good quality. We are excited to be able to serve our customer with quicker delivery times again."

To learn more, visit www.ipscorporation.com.