Berry Global Group, Inc. recently released its 2020 Impact Report and GRI Index against its Impact 2025 strategy. In addition to this year's report, Berry reports that it has increased its sustainability transparency by adding a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Appendix, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Response (SASB), and document aligning to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

"Sustainability reporting is one of the many ways we demonstrate our continued commitment to transparency surrounding our performance in corporate citizenship; not just environmental sustainability, but also how we engage our partners and work with integrity to achieve our goals," said Tom Salmon, chairman and CEO.

Throughout the report, Berry spotlights its sustainability achievements from its 2020 fiscal year. In step with Berry's efforts and commitments to promote a more circular economy, the company has invested heavily in increased access to recycled content and is helping its customers achieve the growing needs of their consumers. Through its success in package lightweighting, integration of post-consumer resin (PCR), design for circularity, and use of bio-resins, Berry continues to collaborate with customers to meet and exceed their sustainability goals. Notable highlights of progress regarding Berry's environmental sustainability goals include:

  • Record percentage of PCR used
  • Secured access to 600 million pounds of PCR content by 2025
  • Increased focus of lifecycle assessments
  • Announcement of closed loop program with Georgia-Pacific Recycling
  • Over 165,000 MWh of renewable energy purchased
  • Reduction in absolute water usage by 2%
  • ISCC Plus certification for seven sites in 2020, ensuring traceability of circular resins
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 7%

"In spite of the challenges brought on by COVID-19, we made significant progress toward our sustainability goals," said Robert Flores, Berry's vice president of Sustainability. "Through our unparalleled access to recycled content, and innovative design expertise, we create a compelling value proposition to help customers meet their goals for a circular economy."

In addition to support for pandemic relief, Berry reports that it has remained committed to safety. The company continues to track against its number-one value of safety, recording an all-time low incident rate of 1.04 for the year.

At Berry, sustainability is not a separate activity; it is embedded in the value the company brings to its customers and a key pillar of its organic growth strategy. Through its leading global capabilities, investments in recycling, and expertise in design for circularity, Berry leads in creating paths toward a circular economy.

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