Channeled Resources Group (CRG), a manufacturer of blank shipping labels, release liner, and value-priced laminated papers and films, recently announced that it has installed two MBS 05-22-50 Martin Automatic butt splicers at its plant in Marathon City, Wis. The two butt splicers will provide tandem, inline splicing for CRG's Cohesio label machine.

A butt splice joins two webs together—typically, the end of an expiring roll to the beginning of another. The two ends are trimmed straight and brought together so that the ends do not overlap. A thin tape over the top or bottom of the splice (or both) holds the splice together. A Martin Automatic butt splicer performs this splicing function without slowing or stopping the process.

"Over the past year, demand for food, pharma and protection labels has exploded and safety precautions have added challenges to the plant floor," said Cindy White, CRG president and CEO. "Our blank label business has grown exponentially as busy converters have discovered that they don't need to waste press time making blank labels. By investing in these two Martin Automatic Butt Splicers we will achieve 15 to 20% additional capacity, as we will no longer have to shut down the machine to change rolls."

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