Channeled Resources Group has launched Channeled Choice™, a portfolio of pressure-sensitive papers and films. The new portfolio is the result of a supply agreement between Channeled Resources Group and a major U.S. substrate manufacturer that gives the company access to a large volume of off-cuts of premium core and specialty products.

Materials will be offered on 4.5-in. and wider rolls (5,000-20,000 ft) and will be shipped out of Channeled Resources’ 200,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility outside Wausau, Wis. The portfolio includes premium papers, VI papers and films, prime films, and specialized label stocks.

“We’re thrilled that with Channeled Choice we will now be able to offer thousands of best quality pressure-sensitive papers and films at a better price,” said Cindy White, president and CEO. “Our warehouse is receiving truckloads of new material every week. We’ve been known as a respected supplier of both A-grade offcuts and price fighter B-grade label stock for a long time, but with this new agreement we’re making a major stride to becoming a valuable resource of premium label stock for the North American label market.”

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