ShurTech Brands, LLC recently announced that its FrogTape® brand has developed Pro Grade Orange™, a premium-grade production painter's tape that reportedly offers high adhesion to stick to a variety of surfaces, even in hot and humid conditions. It also provides three-day clean removal without shredding.

FrogTape Pro Grade Orange features a conformable backing for ease of use on interior and exterior surfaces, while advanced adhesive technology allows it to adhere to light fixtures, doorknobs, doorways, windows, and a variety of other surfaces that can challenge even the best beige masking tapes. Unlike some beige masking tapes, FrogTape Pro Grade Orange leaves zero residue behind and will not shred during the removal process, which saves time and hassle, keeping jobs on time and on budget.

"Anywhere a contractor uses beige masking tape, they can now use FrogTape Pro Grade Orange," said Patti LaPorte, director of marketing for FrogTape brand. "It features a stronger backing paper and more advanced adhesive than standard beige masking tapes, making it the premium alternative for discerning painting professionals."

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