Brands have long relied on their products’ packaging to draw the consumers’ eye and entice them to consider a purchase. But packaging has evolved beyond eye-catching graphics to encompass so much more, particularly as consumers continue to explore “green” products and services with the goal of helping to address climate change.

Customers today are evaluating not only the product before they purchase, but also the packaging that the product is contained (and often, shipped) in—seeking a “complete package” of ideal product characteristics coupled with environmentally friendly packaging. tesa tape recently surveyed decision makers at consumer packaged goods companies to explore how they view packaging in terms of their sustainability goals.

“Four out of five told us that staying ahead of the curve for sustainable packaging will help them remain competitive in the years ahead as consumers and large retailers increasingly demand sustainable products,” writes Steve Molinets. To learn more about these findings, read Steve’s article, “Sustainable Packaging: An Opportunity to Stay Competitive in a Post-COVID World,” in our May 2021 issue.

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