PPG recently announced that it provided aerospace sealants, coatings, and adhesives to United Launch Alliance (ULA) for the ATLAS V 541 rocket that launched NASA’s Perseverance rover to Mars in July 2020. The rover landed on Mars in February 2021 after its nearly seven-month journey through space. PPG’s application support center (ASC) in Atlanta, Ga., reportedly worked closely with ULA to supply the products and provide technical support.

As one of the most powerful rockets in ULA’s Atlas V fleet, the 541 configuration with four solid rocket boosters reportedly provides optimum performance to precisely deliver a range of mission types. PPG products protecting the rocket include PPG DESOTHANE™ CA8200 Series HS polyurethane topcoat; PPG PR-2001 Class B rapid-curing fuel tank sealant, which is a two-part, epoxy-cured PERMAPOL™ P-3.1 polythioether compound; and PPG PR-1665, which is a cryogenic potting and molding compound with high tear and tensile strength.

“Our aerospace sealants, coatings and adhesives helped ULA provide protection for the Atlas V 541 rocket, which aided the Perseverance rover in reaching its final destination,” said Sam Millikin, PPG global director, coatings and sealants, aerospace. “We are proud to support this important and historic mission and look forward to a continued partnership with ULA for years to come.”

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