Following its acquisition of photoinitiator producer Lambson, Arkema has opened a Center of Excellence in Wetherby, UK, to provide customers and partners with expertise and solutions for UV technology. Integrated into the photo-curable specialties business of Sartomer, this center is reportedly a key component of the growth and development strategy for photocuring, a solvent-free sustainable technology of the future.

Arkema reports that the center is equipped with first-rate equipment and led by an experienced team with unique expertise in photoinitiator synthesis and formulation. It is intended to provide a collaborative space for developing and fine-tuning solutions that are tailored to the challenges of customers and partners, particularly in the electronics, 3D printing, inks, adhesives, and high-performance coatings markets.

“The center supports both experienced formulators and those new to energy curing technology who are seeking state-of-the-art UV resin and photoinitiator systems expertise,” said Laurent Peyronneau, CEO of Sartomer and vice president of Arkema’s Coating Solutions. “It also brings together technologies and know-how to address energy curing challenges and develop innovative solutions to unlock new opportunities.”

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