Simplifying the assembly process, Henkel’s new Teroson® primerless MS 9222 adhesive eliminates the need for an adhesion promotor for work truck and manufacturing applications. According to the company, users simply apply the adhesive to clean parts and assemble.

Ideal for a variety of work truck applications and manufacturing applications that require high-strength adhesion of loads to thin walls or small areas, Teroson MS 9222 reportedly provides a variety of benefits:

  • Reclaims labor, time, and floor space dedicated to the current adhesion promotor processes
  • Eliminates scrap, rework, and defects related to adhesion promotor errors
  • Eliminates the flammability, health, safety, and volatile organic compound (VOC) issues related to adhesion promoter carrier solvent

Henkel reports that Teroson MS 9222 is a two-part, fast-cure, silane-modified polymer (SMP) elastic adhesive optimized for painted panel assembly. It delivers excellent adhesion, toughness, and durability. It is available in 4:1 ratio 400-ml cartridges, as well as pails and drums. Dispense guns and nozzles are also available.

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