ViscoTec recently announced a change in top management. Georg Senftl, commercial managing director, will retire at the end of 2021. Franz Kamhuber, who served as the company’s sales director, succeeded Senftl as of July 1. For the next six months, Kamhuber and Senftl will jointly steer the company’s affairs, along with Martin Stadler, technical managing director.

“I am confident that with Georg Senftl as my sparring partner, I will be able to completely carry out my role in management after a few weeks,” Kamhuber said. “The bar is high, and I am aware of the large footprints I am stepping in. I will continue along this successful path.”

In the long term, the company plans to open more subsidiaries worldwide in order to expand internationally. “The change in the world markets and the shift of production facilities for electronics manufacturing towards Asia, not only opens up growth potential, but also demands a corporate rethink,” said Kamhuber. “None of this is something that will be implemented overnight, but as a company we have to start to take a close look at the value chains of the future in order to make use of opportunities.”

ViscoTec reports that it is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom in orders. A new production hall, including office space, is planned on the company premises in Töging to be able to handle all orders.

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