From reducing air pollution to using renewable energy as a power source, U.S. homeowners have an overwhelming desire for more information, more choices, and more action across the industry for eco-friendly construction materials and practices, according to the 2021 3M Home Renovation Study. Homeowners believe most in recycling and reducing waste as the top activity that will positively impact the environment. Eliminating single-use plastics, using renewable energy, reducing air pollution, and selecting energy-efficient products round out the top five. 

“Many homeowners are now inspired to choose construction materials that both serve their conventional purpose and make a positive impact for the environment,” said Josh Orman, 3M Industrial Mineral Products Division, senior manager of Business Development. “It’s encouraging to see consumers and 3M taking action to improve our environment.”

The majority of homeowners surveyed (74%) agree that using eco-friendly construction materials would make a strong impact to the environment, and 70% plan to purchase eco-friendly materials for their next renovation. Homeowners are also taking the advice of others to influence their purchases; for example, 52% of homeowners surveyed stated they would be more active in considering eco-friendly materials if their friends and family were integrating eco-friendly options into their lives.

“Essentially, what homeowners say and do highly impacts those in their circle of influence,” Orman said. “Consider the positive ripple effect of homeowners making eco-friendly choices that educate and influence their friends and family in the process.”

The Home Renovation Study is an independent research study commissioned by 3M to understand interest levels in eco-friendly construction materials, as well as whether the industry is meeting homeowner needs. The study was fielded across the U.S. from March-April 2021.

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