On October 1, 1951, Margarete and Theodor Schreiner founded Schreiner Group, then called M. Schreiner-Spezialfabrik für geprägte Siegelmarken und Etiketten. Today, more than 1,200 people at four locations in three different countries are working for Schreiner Group, generating annual sales of around €190 million (approximately $219.4 million). To observe the anniversary even under the challenging conditions of 2021, Roland Schreiner, the third-generation CEO, has on several occasions conducted a range of activities involving all employees.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, a major celebration was out of the question in 2021. Instead of one large-scale event, Schreiner Group reports that it has had and will continue to have numerous smaller activities and moments to commemorate the anniversary year. At the beginning of the year, Roland Schreiner presented a logo specifically developed for the anniversary that can be seen on letters, in emails, and on chocolates for employees, as well as in all other anniversary activities.

According to Schreiner Group, all employees worldwide are an important part of its success. To commemorate the anniversary, 70 employees were featured in a small video entitled “70 People” to show who Schreiner Group is today and what it stands for (e.g., sustainability, among other things). Environmental and climate protection have been important goals for the family-owned business for decades. CEO Roland Schreiner, in another activity together with Oberschleissheim’s Mayor Markus Böck and all employees, sowed seeds for thousands of bee-friendly flowers.

The observance of an anniversary puts history in the spotlight as well. Therefore, Schreiner Group organized a special exhibition for its employees showing how simple seal stamps initially evolved into self-adhesive labels and ultimately into high-tech products especially for the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

“However, in 2021, we want to not only look back but also celebrate a little,” said CEO Roland Schreiner. “Unfortunately, we are not allowed to invite our friends and partners due to the current regulations. But this week, all employees can look forward to a fantastic anniversary cake and special food on a time travel back to the 1950s. Because this success, this anniversary, would never have been possible without our engaged employees!”

Learn more about Schreiner Group at www.schreiner-group.com/en.html.