Scapa Healthcare, an SWM International business, and Synedgen Inc. recently announced that they have signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for two wound care treatments developed using Synedgen’s proprietary glycochemistry technology platform. The agreement also gives Scapa Healthcare the right to use Synedgen’s glycopolymer technology in conjunction with other wound care technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, Scapa Healthcare has exclusive rights over Synedgen’s glycopolymer technology in the field of dermal wounds and surgical care applications, both over the counter and in the professional setting.

The advanced glycopolymer-based wound cleanser and wound hydrogel formulae control infection and promote wound healing by limiting bacterial infection, disrupting mature biofilm, and reducing inflammation and scarring of acute and chronic wounds and surgical incisions. Developed with support from the Defense Health Agency (DHA) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), these wound care products are FDA 510(k) cleared. In addition to the two market-ready products, this technology reportedly offers a wide range of possibilities for customized wound management solutions in combination with other advanced wound care technologies, including hydrocolloids, hydrogels, collagen, and medical foam materials.

“We are delighted to be entering into this agreement with Synedgen, a company that shares our commitment to deliver innovative medical solutions that truly enhance people’s lives,” said John Petreanu, president of the Scapa Healthcare business. “This novel glycopolymer technology strengthens our portfolio of advanced wound care products and enables us to bring cutting-edge wound management solutions to our customers in a variety of formats leveraging our skin contact adhesive and topical technologies.”

“This agreement with Scapa Healthcare will expand Synedgen’s effective approach to treating challenging wounds for patients worldwide,” said Shenda Baker, Ph.D., president and CEO of Synedgen. “With a rich Defense heritage, we have been able to create a new class of wound care products for warfighter and civilian use. We are honored to partner with such a well-known, world industry leader that adds to the level of consumer trust and experience to expand the application and distribution of this technology.”

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