DOWSIL™ CC-2588 Conformal Coating is a tough, abrasion-resistant silicone-based material that protects printed circuit boards (PCBs) and electronic components against high humidity and corrosion. Dow reports that this highly reliable silicone-based coating is virtually odorless and offers extremely low volatile organic compounds. The conformal coating cures at room temperature for reduced energy consumption, supports spraying for higher throughputs and enables automated inspection equipment to use ultraviolet light (UV) to identify any voids in the coating.

“Dow’s silicone-based conformal coatings can resist extremely harsh environments while supporting environmental sustainability and manufacturing productivity,” said Tong Wu, industrial electronics, global segment leader at Dow. “New DOWSIL™ CC-2588 Conformal Coating has an attractive balance of properties and is an important addition to our portfolio because it addresses customer needs and industry trends in PCB manufacturing and assembly.”

DOWSIL CC-2588 Conformal Coating cures without ovens to form a tough, scratch-resistant surface. While traditional silicones offer resistance to humidity, high temperatures and chemicals, they may lack abrasion resistance because of their rubbery nature. Dow’s new DOWSIL material, once cured, is reportedly comparable to other resin conformal coatings in terms of toughness. With a durometer of 76 Shore A, DOWSIL CC-2588 Conformal Coating offers good mechanical strength to resist damage. Dow reports that it also provides reliable adhesion without the delamination associated with acrylate conformal coatings and the darkening associated with polyurethane products. At room temperature, it has five minutes of tack time to support assembly adjustments before permanent bonding occurs.

Designed for harsh environments, DOWSIL CC-2588 Conformal Coating combines a reported UL 94 V-0 flammability rating with excellent electrical properties. Lab testing demonstrates that this protective coating meets IPC-CC-830B, Amendment 1 requirements for insulation resistance and dielectric withstanding voltage. It is formulated to have a high concentration of solid components and can readily dry to a film thickness of 50 to 200 microns in a single spray. The company reports that this higher solid content virtually eliminates bubbles (<10min) that, in previous conformal coatings, caused voids and exposed substrates to contamination. When dispensed, the coating has a viscosity that is easy to lower by adding DOWSIL OS-20 Silicone Fluid, which is also essentially odorless.

The coating provides the dielectric insulation, vibration dampening and moisture protection needed in PCB manufacturing and assembly for automotive electronics and household appliances. In network transformers, DOWSIL CC-2588 Conformal Coating may keep coils from loosening and provide cushioning against stress.

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