Schreiner Group recently announced that EcoVadis, a leading international provider of sustainability assessments, has given it a Gold Rating. This reportedly represents a higher achievement than 98% of all businesses in the printing industry.

A growing number of businesses would like to obtain information about the sustainability performance of their suppliers, not least because the actions of their supply partners are fed into their own assessments. Around 40 of Schreiner Group’s customers reportedly draw on EcoVadis’ assessments.

“I’m delighted about this outstanding rating because it shows that we truly assume responsibility for humans and nature,” said Roland Schreiner, Schreiner Group CEO.

EcoVadis assesses the sustainability performance of businesses in several categories—Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. Schreiner Group reports that it has received above-average scores in all of them. In terms of its CO2 management, the company has been rated as a leader, with the best greenhouse gas management system in its class.

Schreiner Group recently set a strategic sustainability goal of becoming completely climate-neutral by 2030. This plan is underpinned by a clear roadmap, according to the company, and exchanges of experience with other companies are an important element of that effort. In addition to its previous involvement in numerous networks, Schreiner Group has also co-founded Unternehmensnetzwerk Klimaschutz, a Chamber of Industry and Commerce platform supporting its members in company-level climate protection and other related activities.  

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