IMCD Group recently announced the formation of a new business group: Industrial Solutions. The new group is focused on four key areas: chemical intermediaries, environmental technologies, material technologies, and processing technologies. Industrial Solutions will absorb the Synthesis business group, as well as areas of the other industries IMCD serves.

Establishing Industrial Solutions comes as a response to key global trends, according to the company. These trends include a rise in demand for products in applications like high-temperature, electronics, and batteries, as well as the prioritization of sustainability in the industry (with recycling and water treatment solutions top of mind for IMCD). Moving forward, the company reports that it will align its acquisitions with these market drivers to strategically grow the business in these areas of focus.

“This change brings great opportunity for IMCD to elevate our principal partners, offer a broader product selection to our customers and grow our business globally,” said Piet van der Slikke, CEO.

With the new business group in place, Industrial Solutions can build value through focused expertise, offering dedicated application experts to customers. Additionally, IMCD can prioritize cross-selling opportunities, supporting growth of both IMCD and its principal partners.

“With a clear focus in our industrial offering, we can bring industry-leading speciality solutions to every customer,” said Fikri Alemdaroglu, Ph.D., director of Industrial Solutions. “We are proud to offer a dedicated team of experts, global network and broad portfolio and know that together, we can create opportunities that go beyond the possible for our businesses.”

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